Embroidered Collection
Black Sheep. Thread Painting

About Pauline Thomas

Embroidered Collection has been a title that covers everything Pauline has produced in stitch on a sewing machine, from Pauline's Thread Paintings®, to embellishing quality leisurewear, lavender bags, novel embroidered gift items, bags and greetings cards to smart professional commissioned embroidery of company logos on work wear, ornate heraldic crests for livery companies and embroidered blazer pockets for sports and rowing clubs.

Pauline grew up in rural Norfolk, surrounded by a farming heritage which influenced her early ventures into textiles with her 'free machine embroidered' Thread Paintings ® onto silk of the rural English landscape.

From an early age she was encouraged to be creative and was soon using her mother's Singer machine when she was able to work out how to sew a straight line of stitching!

Drawing skills for Art were developed alongside academic achievements, invaluable for thinking out and sketching ideas on paper.

Pauline achieved her BA Hons degree in Three Dimensional Design, at Loughborough College of Art & Design in 1978, specialising in Ceramics, working in this field till the birth of her daughter in 1986.

Her interests in production techniques have since evolved, discovering by chance the colourful and spontaneous world of machine embroidery. Now with the help of modern technology she has revived a life long interest in textiles and produces items suitable for sustaining a living and forming a partnership with husband Paul for their Embroidered Collection.

Paul and Pauline are seen together at good Craft Fairs and major shows selling each others work, whether it is Pauline's embroidery or Paul's carving of letters in Oak, all done in their workshops in the heart of the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire.